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Frequently Asked Questions:

1How often can I expect content to appear?
This varies. At least every friday something will appear. When a large essay or an elaborate podcast is published, that will probably be it for that week. Otherwise there might be a "swarm" of shorter content during the week, for example to explain sayings of desert fathers or clarify mystical jargon or... whatever he comes up with.
2Do I already have to know a lot of theology to understand this?
It would be unreasonable to expect a lot of insider-information from our subscribers. That means that many things will be explained, including elements of traditional theology which used to be obvious for many people, but aren't anymore.
3What's the level of difficulty in general?
University introduction course level. If you have no previous knowledge of the matter, but are able to handle some abstraction, you should be fine.
4Will it always be Christian content?
Our starting point is always the Christian mystical perspective on a given question or reality. This, however, does not mean that other traditions can't be brought into the equation. Fr. Hugo knows quite a lot about Indian philosophy, for instance, and he won't ignore sensible input from those kinds of sources when he thinks it's useful.
5How preachy is this going to be?
Not at all preachy. This programme is not as strictly academical as our stand-alone courses in that it is more personal in nature. There will be more room for personal reflections and things that are just pretty or enjoyable or surprising rather than scientifically relevant. Converting people, however, is not our business.
6Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
We offer a yearly subscription. After a year, the subscription will simply end, unless you renew it. This may be not in our best financial interest, but we just dont believe in tricking people into a heap of subscriptions they don't actually enjoy or even use. You will receive a notice via email when your subscription is about to expire, approximately two weeks beforehand. Of course we hope to have fascinated you enough by then to have earned a renewal of your subscription.

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Hermit’s Diary
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